Town Council Response of Water Quality

Town Council Response of Water Quality

Town Council Response of Water Quality

Statement Regarding 2016 CCR (Consumer Confidence Report) of Water Quality

July 2017

 At the beginning of July users of Sellersburg Water Utility received the annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) for the reporting period Jan 1st to Dec 31st, 2016.

During this period Sellersburg had transitioned to a new state of the art water treatment facility triggering IDEM to establish a new testing period schedule on March 9th, 2016.  The Town Council also found it necessary to appoint a new licensed water operator effective Oct 24th, 2016.

Because of this change 4 samples were conducted late and the results were sent to IDEM 2-4 weeks later.  All tests indicated water provided to customers of the Sellersburg Water Utility was safe. 

Mr. Barry Sneed, public information officer For IDEM (Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management) was quoted in a Jul 6th, 2017 article of the News and Tribune that “Due to their responsiveness, the system quickly returned to compliance “as they tested “immediately” after receiving a noncompliance letter.

Sneed also stated that “They missed their sampling of Disinfection By-products (DBP), not because they did not take samples but because their population changed and therefore their sampling schedule changed.  They needed to take more samples at different locations.  They completed the correct sampling and the system returned to compliance”.  

It should also be noted that water testing is conducted daily and that copper and lead testing has been conducted according to IDEM regulations, using 40 samples gathered from users of Sellersburg water.  This testing has occurred for more than 25 years most recently in Dec 2016.

Since the release of the CCR this month approximately 10 signs have appeared throughout the community critical of the Sellersburg Water Utility creating fear, distrust and uncertainty regarding the safety of Sellersburg water.  We apologize for this as these signs were designed to create this emotional response without factual investigation or contact with IDEM or the Town of Sellersburg.

I assure you the Sellersburg Water Utility is run professionally and safely meeting and exceeding all state and federal standards.  Quoting Mr. Sneed, “Sellersburg has not had any violations in 2017”.