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Welcome to Sellersburg
. As with any city or town, there are certain rules, regulations, and ordinances, that we as a community must follow to maintain a clean and pleasant environment for our residents to live in and enjoy.

The Town provides each home with a  95 Gallon trash container, If your home does not have one, please call the Municipal Works Department. at 246-3821 Ext. 4. All garbage and bags must be placed in this container for collection. Sanitation employees will not collect anything placed on the ground.  The only exception, if you have cardboard boxes, you may break them down and bundle them.  Do not place trash in these boxes. Cardboard should be placed out for the recycling program. Trash containers must be placed at the curb for collection with a clearance of 3 feet in all directions of the container. Please do not mix yard waste (vegetative material such as flowers, sticks, grass, etc.) with garbage. The landfill does not accept yard waste. The landfill also does not accept Televisions, Computers or other electronic devices. Please contact Clark County Solid Waste for disposal options for these items.

Recycling: Clark County Solid Waste provides a recycling service every other week. If you have any questions about recycling call 812 256-7942. They will be happy to assist you. You can also visit their website at

Yard Waste is collected on recycling days. Vegetative material can either be placed in two (2) 32-gallon cans, clearly marked YARD WASTE on the side of the cans or three (3) biodegradable paper yard waste bags. There is a Two (2) can or Three (3) bag limit per pick-up. Yard Waste is vegetative materials only. DO NOT PLACE DIRT, ROCK, CONCRETE, ANIMAL WASTE, TRASH, PLASTIC, OR ANY OTHER NON-VEGETATIVE MATERIALS in yard waste containers. Any of these materials will result in non-collection. Please be aware of the weight of containers because they are manually handled by the collection crew. Limbs should be bundled in 4-5 ft. lengths tied securely with baling string or cord. There is a limit of Two (2) bundles per pickup. Up to 15 larger limbs, with a diameter no larger than 3 inches, may be placed at the curb with the cut end toward the street. Residents with more yard waste may dispose of at Earth First on Hwy 403 812 248-0712.  In the fall, the Town provides leaf pickup on a weekly basis, beginning around mid- October, leaves must be placed in paper bags and placed at the curb. There is no limit to this service, but we encourage mulching or composting leaves, if at all possible. This service terminates on December 1st.

Blowing grass clippings and leaves into the gutter, street and roadway is littering.

The putting, throwing, dumping, leaving or depositing or causing to be put, thrown, dumped, left or deposited, any paper, boxes, tin cans, brush, brick, wood, glass, dirt, sand, gravel, grass, leaves, debris, rubbish or refuse of any kind or character whatsoever, in or upon or within the limits of any street, alley, sidewalk, yard, thoroughfare or public way in the town, without permission, shall be unlawful. This section shall be enforced by the Police Department. 130.01 LITTERING (`93 Code, § 6-108) (Ord. 502, passed 4-22-91)

White Goods: The Town no longer provides a "white goods" or trash pickup for large items. Residents must haul or dispose of these items themselves or contact a local hauler for this service. In the spring, summer, and fall the Town will provide dumpsters at the wastewater treatment plant located at 701 Bean Road, for yard waste and trash. Watch local newspapers for information.

Christmas trees will be picked up following the holidays. Place them at the curb on regular trash pickup days. No PLASTIC BAGS PLEASE.

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