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Sellersburg 2020 Pool Update:

After reviewing Governor Holcomb’s Back on Track plan concerning limited attendance at waterparks, the Sellersburg Parks Board and Town Council have decided they will not open their pool for the 2020 season. Instead, they will work together complete long needed repairs as well as pursue a federally funded 50/50 matching grant for updates to the facility.

“While some may be disappointed with this news, the Town Council knows this is the best decision given the negative financial impact to the town because of limited operations at the pool. More importantly, we had to consider the adverse health risk to the families and teams that regularly use the pool…” said Council President Brad Amos. “All things considered, the risk to our residents doesn’t outweigh the reward of opening.”

Sellersburg is now planning to work over the summer to address issues within the ageing facility. There are also plans to apply for the Federal Land and Water Conservation grant in an effort to complete several portions of their Parks Master Plan which was adopted in November of 2018. Included in the plans to update Mosley Park Pool is a potential rehab of the existing pool supply lines. The town will also look to construct a new pool restroom/concession area, a new entry/drop off area, add a splash park, and improve ADA access throughout the facility. If Sellersburg is not selected as a grant recipient, the scope of work will be narrowed to fit within the current operations budget of the Parks Department.

“Although not opening our pool is extremely disappointing, we are not going to stand by to allow this time to go to waste…” said Charlie Smith, Sellersburg Town Manager. “Because dollars within the Park Board’s budget will no longer be used to open and operate the pool; the Town Council, Parks Board, and I are now working as a team to leverage those dollars to make the biggest impact possible to Mosley Park and the Sellersburg Pool.”

“When this council was elected, we all agreed now is the time to improve Sellersburg. We have heard over and over again to fix what we have. In addition to the coming improvements to our infrastructure, addressing our town owned park to make it true town amenity is another example of the efforts of this council to fulfill our promise.” - Town Councilman and Parks Board Liaison Scott McVoy

-Information related to the Sellersburg Parks Master Plan can be found at under Departments then Parks and Recreation.
-The Sellersburg Pool is located within Mosley Park.
-The Town of Sellersburg has only two parks: Mosley Park and Wilkerson Park. Mosley Park houses the pool and basketball court while Wilkerson Park is a small war memorial park at the corner of Utica and New Albany Streets.
-The Town of Sellersburg has no ownership or input on the operations of Speed Park or Silver Creek Township Park as they are located outside of the Town of Sellersburg.